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Upcoming CUGH Webinar | 26th June 2023 | 10:00am

Building Effective Partnerships for Development Between Low-Income Countries: a powerful opportunity for impact

Global health partnerships are often thought of as being between institutions in high-income nations and institutions in low-or low-middle-income countries (LLMICs). Yet, a top priority for institutions in LLMICs is to build collaborations with institutions in other LLMICs. Such partnerships are powerful due to similarities shared by organizations across language, infrastructure, resources, culture, and needs.

Building these collaborations is a neglected opportunity that can create durable outcomes that meet the needs of LLMICS. This panel of global experts will share with the audience why these partnerships can be highly effective, the gaps that exist in creating them, their benefits, how they can be created and innovations in strengthening and retaining training capacity in LLMICS. This will be followed by a Q and A with the online audience. This is not to be missed!

Register now for webinar.

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