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CoNP Neonatal Nursing Courses

Advanced Neonatal Continuing Education

This 6-month course is created for MSc neonatal/pediatric graduates or faculty at a university that are involved in teaching neonatal content. The expectation is that each student member has a master’s degree in nursing or midwifery or actively works at a university as a neonatal instructor with a minimum of 1-year clinical experience within a neonatal unit and teaching experience. The students must demonstrate that they have completed education in advanced pharmacology, advanced physiology, advanced assessment. The didactic includes Neonatal/developmental pathophysiology; Advanced neonatal health assessment; Neonatal pharmacotherapeutics, Maternal health and implication for the fetus/neonate, Neonatal management I, II and III. The expectation is that students will participate in a preceptor experience in a neonatal unit.

COINN Council of International Neonatal Nurses
Community of Neonatal Nursing Practice Educational Courses
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