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Abstract closure date: 1st of January 2024


COINN 2024 | May 6th-8th | Aalborg, Denmark

11th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

Call for abstracts! Please follow the link to submit your abstract for COINN, Denmark 2024 -


Registration is now open! Please follow the link to register for COINN, Denmark 2024 -

COINN 2024 in Aalborg, Denmark marks the 11 th international Neonatal Nurses Conference. This year’s theme is “Supporting Closeness Building Relations.” We strive to improve neonatal and family outcomes through sharing our knowledge. We encourage you to submit abstracts of your research, education or practice. We are especially keen on receiving abstracts on global health, practice innovations, leadership, care challenges, breastfeeding practices, and support for nurses.

Oral and poster presentations will be considered. Please check the box for either an oral or poster presentation consideration. If you are willing to have your abstract considered for either presentation format, please check the box labelled “both”

An oral presentation will be for 10 minutes. A poster presentation will be displayed at set times throughout the conference.

Please click on the link to see the required information and the word limit for the 


For any questions, please contact:

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