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Difficult to part with, impossible to forget: Ending the first preceptorship training in Nigeria

All too soon, the intriguing and exciting experiences of preceptorship training in Nigeria has come to a successful end. The four (4) weeks preceptorship support and training organized by the Nigeria Society of Neonatal Medicine (NISONM) in collaboration with the Council of International Neonatal Nurses (COINN) ended on the 17th March, 2024.

The training that took place at six (6) different pilot sites in six (6) different states commenced as part of efforts to improve neonatal mortality in Nigeria. A total of 38 nurses were trained under the supervision of six(6) experienced neonatal nurses from Ghana led by a COINN neonatal nurse educator. The training was guided by the COINN 12 modules of neonatal orientation and COINN neonatal skills checklist.

Participants were introduced to the COINN 12 modules and supervised in the implementation of key procedures in the skills checklist at the bed side. Each of the participant completed at least 25 tasks successfully and took part in a final assessment prior to certification by COINN. The students performed marvelously well with no trails signifying the level of competence and skills impacted by the preceptors. Other activities engaged by the preceptors included protocol development for some units, conducting seminar presentation on key aspects of newborn care including neuro developmental care and infection prevention in the neonatal unit as well as making recommendations to improve newborn care.

Not only were the students thrilled by the knowledge and experience of the preceptors, several other key stakeholders acknowledge the impact of the training even before its completion. The hospital management and the students could not hide their feeling and showed gratitude to the preceptors with various gifts and souvenirs. 

Indeed it was a journey full of experiences especially to everyone involved in the process, and a proud moment to all the organizers. In fact, as difficult was to part with and impossible to forget, the preceptors departed to Ghana on Sunday, 17th March 2024.



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