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CoNP Launch Webinar August 15, 2023 at 3 pm CET - Virtual (Zoom)

In honor of International Neonatal Nurses Day, the Council of International Neonatal Nurses, Inc. (COINN) is pleased to announce our speakers:

  • Hema Magge, Senior Program Officer, Newborn Health-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • David Gathara, Health Systems Researcher LSHTM/KEMRI Wellcome Trust

  • Edith Gicheha, Clinical Training Director, NEST 360

  • Michelle Acorn, Chief Nursing Officer, International Council of Nurses

  • Helga Fogstad, Executive Director of PMNCH

  • Sue Prullage, Director of Nursing Education COINN

  • Carole Kenner, CEO COINN

  • Karen Walker, President COINN

Neonatal nurses are at the forefront of small and sick newborn care. They make a profound difference in the lives of newborns and their families. Yet, in low resourced countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa nurse lack the opportunity for specialized education/training, access to evidence-based resources, and networking with other health professionals.

Join COINN for the virtual launch of the Community of Neonatal Nursing Practice – a resource hub for those interested in improving neonatal/family health outcomes. COINN’s CoNP is a place to share best practices, ask questions of experts, discuss challenges and opportunities in neonatal care. Come join the CoNP.

This webinar will:

1. Describe what a CoNP is.

2. Outline why it is needed for neonatal nurses.

3. Discuss how people can get involved.

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