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CoNP Evidence Corner

What is the Evidence Corner?

The Evidence Corner on the Community of Neonatal Nursing Practice website serves as a beacon of knowledge and expertise for neonatal nurses. It is a dedicated space where evidence-based practices, research findings, and clinical insights converge to empower neonatal healthcare professionals. Here, nurses can delve into the latest research studies, clinical guidelines, and best practices in the field, ensuring that their care is informed by the most up-to-date evidence. From critical assessments of interventions to discussions on emerging trends, the Evidence Corner equips neonatal nurses with the tools they need to deliver the highest standard of care to their tiny patients and their families.

Case Study

Topic: Caffeine versus other methylxanthines for the prevention and treatment of apnea in preterm infants. Moresco, Sjogren, Marques, Soll, Bruschettini (2023)

Author conclusion: Caffeine does improve clinical outcomes but there are few studies that compare caffeine to other methylxanthines such as aminophylline. This Cochrane review showed little to no difference in overall mortality, development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia or length of stay. Overall, the comparison between Caffeine and other methylxanthines have an uncertain effect on long-term development. Based on this Cochrane study there is little evidence to support Caffeine over other methylxanthines and they recommended more research especially for the preterm less than 28 weeks.

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