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COINN 2024- May 6th-8th - Aalborg, Denmark

11th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference, Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) Registration & Abstracts open 01/10/23

Supporting Closeness – Building Relations

On behalf of the 2024 conference organising committee, we are delighted to welcome delegates, presenters, and exhibitors, all who care for the small and sick newborn, to join us in beautiful Aalberg, Denmark for COINN 2024 held in collaboration with the Danish Neonatal Nurses Organisation. We come together five years after the last COINN conference in New Zealand to celebrate once more neonatal nursing with our post-pandemic theme of supporting closeness and building relations.

One of the cores values in neonatal nursing is facilitating family integrated developmental care to support the closeness, both physical and emotional, between the newborn and parents, siblings and extended family. While building relations is instrumental in optimizing outcomes for all small and sick newborns and their families, it is also essential between colleagues, countries, and globally.

At COINN 2024, we will bring together experts in neonatal care from all parts of the globe to learn from each other and share experiences. We know that every two seconds a baby is born too soon, and we will hear how neonatal nurses are integral in ensuring these babies survive and thrive. We invite abstracts on our session themes of Global Health; Partnerships; Palliative care; Ethical or clinical challenges; Innovations in care and Climate Change.

We therefore are pleased and proud to invite you all to the beautiful country of Denmark, in the spring, to a conference that we have been looking forward to hosting throughout the pandemic. Come and be part of stimulating dialogue, thought-provoking considerations and a place for sharing the latest knowledge in the field of neonatal nursing.

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