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Canadian Neonatal Foundation • Quality Improvement integrated Kangaroo Mother Care

Now available in our Educational Resources on the CoNP website.

Kangaroo mother care (KMC) for low birthweight babies has been proven to reduce neonatal mortality and improve outcomes for survivors, particularly in low- and lower-middle income countries. Despite the evidence of significant benefits from these well-designed educational programs, the uptake of KMC has been patchy worldwide.

Dissemination and implementation of effective healthcare practices require more than good science and effective educational strategies: they need strategic implementation of scientific methodologies. Quality Improvement-integrated Kangaroo Mother Care (QIiKMC) combines clinical and quality improvement training into a single program.

The Canadian Neonatal Foundation has partnered with the International Pediatric Association to make QIiKMC materials freely available for all. By registering on our website, visitors can download QIiKMC materials for unlimited use by their teams and healthcare trainees.

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