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A Guide to Neonatal Care - Handbook For Health Professionals

By Julia Petty, Lisa Whiting and Sheila Roberts

A key text for all those involved in the care of neonates, including nurses, midwives and nursing students, providing a single source of valuable, accessible and fully up-to-date information about neonatal care. 

This book will better equip those working in the neonatal field with the knowledge and skills they need to care for neonates in their first year of life. Integrated learning tools, including algorithms, flow charts, summary tables, bulleted checklists and reflective questions, encourage critical thinking and aid understanding. These are accompanied by clear supporting text in line with relevant and recent evidence and research. Other helpful features include Stop and Think boxes and alerts for Standard Precautions and Local Variations.

Neonatal care is a speciality that often requires health professionals new to the field to acquire a discipline-specific set of skills. Care practices covered include working out drug dosages, fluid rates and calculations, looking up normal blood ranges and understanding the mode of ventilation a neonate is receiving, to name just a few. Overall, this book will empower neonatal carers as they improve their skills and achieve the best results for those in their care.

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